Taking On Car Theft


Taking on Car TheftOnce every 44 seconds, a car is stolen in the U.S., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Wow, that is a scary thought.  No matter where you live, including right here in the great state of Louisiana, it is an unfortunate reality that can happen to anyone.   How would you handle this if it happened to you?  What do you do in this situation, and are you prepared?

Jeff Davis Insurance suggests using a protocol to help with this crisis management.  For example:

Stay calm and use reasoning

It is scary and upsetting to realize your car is gone from where you left it.  But before jumping to conclusions, back track your steps. First eliminate all possibilities such as: Was your car parked illegally and towed?  Is it possible your car was repossessed due to delinquent payments?  Any chance you parked somewhere other than previously thought?  If without a doubt your car is stolen, proceed to the next step!

Call the Police:  Time to call the police and file a report.  Be prepared with a detailed description of the vehicle, your vehicle identification number (VIN), registration, license plate number, and driver’s license to file the report.  If your car has any type of telematics system such as OnStar, Safety Connect, or Blue Link, be sure to notify the police of this as well.

Call Your Insurance Agent

This is particularly important to protect you in case your car is used to cause harm or damage after the theft. However informing us of the theft is also essential when seeking coverage for the vehicle, or damages to the vehicle, if recovered.  Of course, coverage will depend on what type of policy you have. Comprehensive policies are of most benefit in these situations whereas liability coverage alone would not assist in covering auto theft.


The NHTSA says 40 to 50 percent of stolen cars are a result of owner mistakes or oversights.  This could include not locking your car, leaving your keys behind, keeping a spare set hidden in your car, leaving your car running, or leaving windows rolled down.  Attempt to always park in well-lit, safe areas and hide valuable items that could incentivize thieves.  These simple tasks can make the difference!

Car theft is very unnerving and hopefully never happens to you, but by knowing these steps and having the right insurance policy in place as a safeguard you can recover more quickly.  Contact Jeff Davis Insurance for this evermore important insurance coverage