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Why pay Close Attention to Your Insurance Coverage?

Just like there are terms and conditions, and exclusions of coverage for other types of insurance policies there are some important restrictions on watercraft policies that would be important for you to pay close attention to.

For example some Louisiana residents may be tempted to use their watercraft in a part-time business opportunity without purchasing a commercial insurance policy for their boat.

Why could this be a problem?

Please note several notable exclusions of coverage for boat insurance in Lake Charles Louisiana:

EXCLUSIONSWe will not pay for: 

  1. Loss caused by your or a family member’s intentional act. 
  2. Loss to your covered watercraft which occurs while it is: 
  3. rented to others;
  4. used to carry people or property for a fee;
  5. used for any business pursuit; or
  6. used in any illegal transportation or trade

The first exclusion is pretty easy to understand. If you decide to sink your boat or run it into a structure to collect insurance funds your insurance company is certainly not going to pay you, plus you may face prison time for insurance fraud.

The second exclusion is one that may go completely unnoticed by some who use their watercraft to make money on the side.

Example: You inherit an older Carolina Classic Express from your father whom recently passed away but you’re not an avid boater but you decide to keep it for sentimental reasons, your wife is pressuring you to sell it but you decide instead to place a Craigslist ad and rent it out.

You rent your vessel to a group of men who for the weekend. On Sunday you receive a personal visit from the local law enforcement advising you that your yacht had been involved in an accident on the lake and unfortunately was sunk with no injuries to the four highly intoxicated ‘fisherman’.

You file a claim on your boat insurance policy and after an investigation they deny the claim citing an exclusion prohibiting you from renting your watercraft to others.

The personal watercraft policy is not designed to cover commercial activities no matter if you make much or little in renting your boat to others.

There are a number of other exclusions of coverage that would be important for you to pay close attention to as you are looking for watercraft insurance in Lake Charles.

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