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Mistakes Made by Policyholders When Shopping for Insurance in Jennings.

There is undeniably no question that everyone wants a fair price on the products and services we purchase and car insurance is no exception.

Each day we are bombarded with various advertisements on television, online, and through the mail from different insurance companies wanting us to buy insurance.

One mistake insurance buyers sometimes make is by continuously hopping from one insurance company to the next in the pursuit of cheap insurance rates without checking out the reputation of the insurance company we buy insurance from.

Hop Around Harry Made This Mistake You Definitely Want To Avoid.

This mistake caught up with one individual we will call Hop around Harry. (His real name has been changed to avoid unnecessary embarrassment)

In the past Hop around Harry would jump from insurance company to company chasing deals on car insurance. 

Harry believed he was being a good sensible consumer, by not overpaying on his insurance so at this stage in his insurance buying career he had no problem switching every six months to save five bucks which he did on a regular basis.

Sometimes You Get What You Pay For!

Harry switched his car insurance to the wrong company because he was given an offer he could not refuse. 

Harry switches his car insurance to an agency called HTGT Insurance as they offered him an unbelievably cheap rate on car insurance in Jennings. 

Three months after switching to HTGT Insurance Harry causes an accident when he runs into his retaining wall backing out of his garage. 

Harry immediately calls HTGT Insurance to file an insurance claim but discovers that the telephone number had been disconnected and was no longer in service. 

In a bit of a panic Harry travels down to the address listed on his insurance policy only to discover an old vacant building that had not been used for some time. 

Later that day after checking online Harry learns that the company he purchased a policy from turned out to be fraudulent. 

Would Harry have any recourse through the state since he was victim of an insurance scam? 

In our next article we will learn the answer to that question and discussed two steps you can take to make sure you don’t get scammed when you buy car insurance. 

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