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Choosing the Best Homeowners Insurance Is Not All about the Price, This is Why.

Would you be surprised to learn that not every type of claim is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy?

This is why it is important to choose a professional insurance agency like Jeff Davis Insurance.

For all new policyholders we provide a homeowner’s coverage checklist that will help you learn of potential gaps in your insurance protection. 

Let’s consider a claims example to determine if coverage would apply or not.

Jennings Home Insurance Example – Sewer Backup Claims Covered or Not Covered?

Claim Scenario: For 10 straight days, record amounts of rainfall have caused the ground in your area to be completely saturated. Unknown to you, your sewer system has become compromised over a period of time. 

Water backs up into your bathroom which is adjacent to your family room and causes more than $25,000 in damages. Your carpeting, drywall, 60 inch Ultra HD TV you just bought, and surround sound system and most of your furniture will need to be replaced. 

You report the claim to the insurance company assuming you would be covered by your home insurance policy only to be informed over the phone by the claims adjustor that you did not buy the optional coverage for sewer/water back up claims.

You must pay over $25,000 out of pocket to repair the damages and you are forced to take a home equity loan.

What Lesson Can We Learn From This Example?

Sewer backup claims are usually excluded from coverage unless you purchase the optional sewer/water back up endorsement.

Did you know there are more than 60 potential coverage gaps for Homeowners Insurance in Jennings Louisiana?

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For more than 50 years Jeff Davis Insurance has provided professional advice and coverage for thousands of individuals and families in Louisiana.

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