Are You Looking for the Best Insurance Agency in Louisiana to Care for Your Insurance Needs?

the_best_choiceIf so call the Jeff Davis insurance agency at 337-824-4455. 

We offer a critically important service to our clients that can make a big difference at claims time. 

This service is called our Claims Advocacy Program. 

What is our Claims Advocacy Program and How Can It Help You as a Client of Jeff Davis Insurance?

A claims advocate is someone that stands up for your rights as a policyholder. We might assume this would be a service automatically offered by agents to their policyholders.

Here’s the sad truth: Many insurance agents will not lift a finger to help their policyholders with claims or accidents, especially if the accident is not your fault.

Why is that?

true_storySome insurance agents or company representatives are not allowed to help you if there is a problem with your claim.

They want you to resolve it on your own with the claims department, especially is this true if you buy insurance direct.

Other agents don’t even have a clue how to resolve a claim dispute with an insurance company.  

And unfortunately some agents simply have no desire to help their customers resolve claims issues. 

A claims advocate is exactly what you need when there’s a problem with a claim

We at Jeff Davis Insurance will stand up for your rights as a policyholder even if you are hit by an uninsured motorist.

Our Claims Advocacy Program Sets Us Apart from Other Agents and Companies.*

If you are not currently insured with our agency why not give us a try?   We are absolutely convinced you will be completely satisfied if you decided to allow us to care for your insurance needs, especially if you need someone to stand up for your rights as a policyholder. 

Call us today at 337-824-4455 to speak with our protection team, we are here to help. 

*Settling bodily injury claims and legal advice is not offered with this service.