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Not only do we offer great pricing for car, home, life, and business insurance but we also provide 4 unique services you will not find with other agencies, and one of our important services is our JDI Coverage Checklist. 

Each policyholder that allows our agency to care for their insurance needs will receive free of any cost a copy of our car and home insurance coverage checklist. 

This is Why You Need our Coverage Checklist.

a_valuable_resourceHere’s the tricky thing about insurance.

Insurance policies do not cover every type of claim event.

In some cases you can purchase endorsements or enhancements to your policy to cover claims that are not normally protected under the base insurance policy.

For example most home insurance policies exclude coverage for water and sewer back up claims, but did you know you can buy a coverage endorsement to cover claims from raw sewage backing up into your home?

Did you also know Mold is excluded under most home policies but can be bought back with another endorsement?

What about car insurance? Did you know that if you use your personal vehicle for business any type of claim you cause could be legally denied by your insurance company?

However certain types of business activities using your personal vehicle can be covered if you purchase a special policy endorsement.  What we have discussed so far are only 3 examples of coverage gaps.

Is There a Chance There Are Hidden Coverage Gaps in your Insurance Policies?caution

It’s possible and that’s why you need to be insured with Jeff Davis Insurance.

Our Coverage Checklist identifies over 60 different gaps in insurance protection that you might not even be aware of.

Don’t take the chance. Our Coverage Checklist is only available to active policyholders of our agency.

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