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We offer important services that are designed to protect you financially.  For instance in addition to our Claims Advocacy Program, and our Coverage Checklist we offer a monthly newsletter called the JDI Protection Letter. 

Our JDI Protection Letter is More Than a Simple Newsletter.

It heres_the_truthcomplements our coverage checklist by discussing specific claim scenarios that policyholders may find themselves in that could result in either a claim denial by your insurance company or a settlement offer lower than what you expected.

Please note a few statistics you may find interesting, shocking or both! 

Hundreds of thousands of complaints are filed against insurance companies each and every year in the United States! 

In the state of Louisiana over 63% of all complaints are filed against companies selling car and home insurance! The top 3 insurance complaints are: 

  • Claims Settlement Delays
  • Claim Denials
  • And Unsatisfactory Settlement Offers

We believe the reason why so many people file complaints against insurance companies is because people in general only have a vague understanding of what insurance covers, and what it doesn’t cover. For this reason we developed our JDI Protection Letter.

The JDI Protection Letter is designed to help our clients understand the exact reasons why insurance companies may issue a claim denial and we even show you where to find the exclusion of coverage in your insurance policy. 

There isn’t an agency in our area that offers something even remotely similar to this service and that is why you should consider choosing our agency to care for your insurance needs. 

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Please note the three additional services offered exclusively by Jeff Davis Insurance click on: 

  • JDI Claims Advocacy Program
  • JDI Coverage Checklist
  • JDI Re-Shopping Service