Learn How to Receive Low Rates For Life.

a_bright_ideaIf you are interested in purchasing insurance with a company that can help you keep your insurance premiums low for life contact Jeff Davis Insurance at 337-824-4455 and speak with our licensed agents. 

As an independent insurance agency representing top rated companies we offer the JDI Insurance shopping Service that is guaranteed to help you keep your insurance premiums low for life!  

Why is this Service Necessary and How Will It Save You Both Time and Money?

Have you ever switched your car or home insurance to a new company because they saved you money only to receive a big fat rate increase on your next renewal?

This actually happens quite frequently. There are many different insurance companies competing for your business and they may offer you a low introductory rate only to later raise that rate to perhaps more than what you were paying before!

There Isn’t a Single Insurance Company That Can Actually Guarantee Cheap Rates for Life.

A particular insurer might have a low price today, but six months or 12 months from now they might be the highest!

Because of this reason we at Jeff Davis Insurance developed an Insurance shopping Service that is guaranteed to help you keep your insurance premiums low for life.

This is How our Shopping Service Works.

If we recommend that you purchase insurance with a particular company and let’s say 18 months later they raise your rates above a certain threshold, our agency management system will automatically alert our staff and we will begin to shop your account to other top rated companies to find a lower rate.

this_really_worksThis service not only will save you money, it will save you time as well.  You could spend many hours or even days shopping around for better priced insurance.

Because we have access to the top insurance companies in the area, when you receive that inevitable price increase we can help you find a lower rate.

This is our promise to you and that is why you should seriously consider allowing our agency to care for your insurance needs.

Why Not Call Us Today to Learn How You Can Take Advantage of this Service Provided by Jeff Davis Insurance?

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