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Life Insurance in Louisiana.

Are you looking for life insurance in Lake Charles, La and the surrounding areas?  If so this is the website you need! 

The Jeff Davis Insurance Agency can provide you the best options for life insurance in Louisiana for individuals or business owners.

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There Are Different Types of Life Insurance Policies. Which Is Right for You?

That’s an important question that really depends on your personal circumstances.  As an example, a growing family might desire to look closely at how Lake Charles Term Life Insurance coverage might benefit them. 

While a business owner that wants to protect key employees or fund a buy sell agreement might appropriately examine the benefits of Louisiana Keyman life insurance or Buy Sell Life Insurance in Louisiana. 

No matter what type of life insurance you need, our agents are licensed professionals who can determine the most suitable life insurance policy in Lake Charles Louisiana that would be most appropriate for your personal or business’s needs.

We Can Help You Avoid These Common Mistakes on Louisiana Life Insurance

Relying exclusively on group life insurance to cover your life insurance needs is the single most common mistake you can make.

What’s wrong with relying on group life insurance?

Typically group life insurance is usually anywhere from $5000 to $50,000.  If you are the bread winner in your family, how long would $50,000 last when mortgage payments, rent, car loans, and everyday normal expenses are due?  Not long!

Think about this scenario.  You are a married man and your wife is a stay at home mom caring for your three children ages 6 yrs. 4 yrs and also a 1 yr old.

Your annual income is $75,000 per year.  Let’s assume you are killed accidentally.  If your death benefit is limited to $50,000, your family would be destitute within a year, eight months to be exact. 

Do you see why relying upon small amounts of group insurance may not be such a good idea?

It is commonly figured that a family bread winner should be insured for at least 10 times their annual income so as not to drastically reduce the surviving families standard of living. 

That means that an appropriate death benefit for an individual earning $75,000 per year would be $750,000. 

Give the Louisiana Life Insurance Professionals a Call!

We absolutely know the value of life insurance and we are determined to help you receive the best insurance that your money can buy!

If your family should have to suffer your loss, make sure that you have the right kind and the right amount of insurance, because for them it could make all the difference in the world.

Since life insurance is so extremely important, don’t assume that your policy is good enough. Please, call us today and let us review your policy at no cost.  Call 337-824-4455 today!

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