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NEMT Insurance Louisiana — Why Few Carriers Offer This Insurance Part 2

In our previous post we wanted to share a comparison between a fictious HVAC company and a fictious Nonmedical Transportation Company from a risk standpoint to highlight why few insurers wish to offer this type of business.

Let’s briefly review what transpired with our HVAC company and discuss our Nonmedical Transportation Company scenario using an identical claim event.

Rick, an employee with Acme HVAC LLC caused an accident running into the back of a minivan causing $20,000 in property damages to the van itself + 2 of the passengers in that van were injured resulting in $50,000 in payouts for Bodily Injury. 

Rick is not injured but his workmate Tony, who also works for Acme HVAC LLC is injured.

The commercial auto policy will pay for the damages to the van Rick hit, plus the injury claims to the two passengers in the van. 

The commercial auto policy will not pay for the injuries to Tony because Tony is an employee of Acme HVAC LLC and is not eligible to be compensated by the commercial auto policy for his injuries. (This would be covered by workers compensation)  

The HVAC’s Insurance company pays out a total of $70,000 for this claim, the work truck being driven by Rick did not have full coverage so no money was paid for the damages to the truck.

Let’s now change our claims scenario to a Nonmedical Transportation Company named Old Foggy Nonmedical Transport.

Old Foggy Nonmedical Transport owns 6 vans and employs 8 drivers.  Stan the Man is a driver operating a 2005 Ford van that has a built in wheel chair lift and he has worked for Old Foggy Nonmedical Transport for 3 years. Stan has been an outstanding employee for the company and has a spotless record.

Stan has a number of clients to transport today as it is near the first of the month and he has a full schedule.  Stan has also been in a running battle with his ex-wife Veronica over child custody and they are fighting via text messages.

Stan is sending angry text messages back and forth with his ex-wife and being distracted because of his ongoing battle leads to a serious accident that same day.

In our next post we will consider what led up to this accident and the amount of money paid out by the policy insuring Old Foggy Nonmedical Transport.

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