Tow Truck Insurance Louisiana

Need Tow Truck Insurance in Louisiana?

Tow Truck Insurance LouisianaIf you’re looking for great rates on tow truck insurance in Louisiana you have found the right company! 

Jeff Davis Insurance offers very competitive rates on tow truck insurance in Louisiana for both consent and no consent. (Including repossessions) 

Available coverages include liability, on hook coverage, garage keepers, and physical damage coverage for your power units.  Filing fees included in most instances. 

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How Much Insurance Should You Buy for Tow Truck Insurance in Louisiana?

This is a common but important question.  You should choose a liability coverage amount that meets your individual financial needs. 

A well-established company in business for many years with multiple power units and drivers, generating $2 million in revenue with significant liability exposure would not be making a wise insurance decision if they purchased only the state minimum liability limits. 

Likewise if you are just starting out with yourself and one vehicle, but you want to purchase a $10 million liability policy, would that be a wise decision?  Maybe or maybe not. 

If the insurance costs you more than the value of your vehicle and your assets that may not be a wise decision. This all depends on your financial net worth.  

If you already have a net worth of $10 million it would likely also not be a good idea for you to purchase less than $10 million of liability coverage to at least protect your minimum worth. 

Ultimately it’s your decision on the amount of liability courage you choose.   If you choose incorrectly any claim exceeding your policy limits will come directly out of the general count of your business or if you are a sole proprietor, your pocket

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No matter if you are a well-established company, or you are starting up your tow truck operation we can help you.

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