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New Orleans Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 5

Last time, Rick’s towing business, Slick Rick’s Quick Towing, was finally opened for business now that Rick had purchased a commercial auto insurance policy for his fleet of trucks.

After a solid year of business, Rick was able to expand the company a bit.

When his renewal date for his business auto policy began to get closer and closer, Rick started to consider the possibility of finding a new policy with lower rates than his current policy.

Rick found an insurance provider offering a cheaper rate and decided to switch his coverage.

Another six months go by and business continues to be good for Rick. He catches up with his old pal Nick and is pleased to learn that Nick’s towing business is going well, too.

One day, a call comes in for a routine tow and one of Rick’s drivers, a big guy named Buford, is dispatched to handle it.

Buford has been operating a tow truck for more than twelve years. During his time working for Slick Rick’s Quick Towing, he has proven to be a steady, reliable employee.

His driving record over the years is by no means spotless, but it has been several years since his last incident.

After receiving the call, Buford puts his truck into gear and heads out.

The destination is on the other side of town, so Buford decides to take the scenic route. Normally this route is a little slower, but at this time of day, he reasons, the traffic probably makes the drive time about the same.

What will Buford get himself into? Find out next time in Part 6.

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