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What Is Not Covered by Your Jennings Home Insurance Policy Could Impact You Severely!

In a previous article we discussed an important topic on whether or not the typical Louisiana homeowners insurance policy will cover damage from flooding.

The short answer is no. But there seems to be much confusion about this topic.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners discovered that 1 out of every 3 homeowners assumed flood damage is covered by their home insurance policy!

This mistaken impression has cost policyholders millions of dollars in un-reimbursed claims.

Why do many people believe flooding is covered? In certain cases flooding might be covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy!

Let’s consider a claim scenario to determine if flooding might be covered in this situation.

Is This Flood Claim Covered by Your Jennings Louisiana Home Insurance Policy?

Ted and Nancy Stevenson are the proud parents of Tiffany Marie, a bright-eyed adventurous three-year-old with boundless energy, spunk, and great imagination.  Tiffany Marie shares stories with her parents constantly of the fantastic adventures she takes in her imagination.

The Stevensons are planning a family vacation to northern Michigan to escape the brutal August heat that is so prevalent in Louisiana during the dog days of summer.

They will be gone for two weeks and their flight leaves Saturday morning at 9:45 AM.

The time arrives and they journey to their destination in Michigan. Time flies for the Stevensons and soon their vacation comes to an end. 

They travel home and park their vehicle in the garage and begin unloading luggage. Nancy carries Tiffany Marie to their garage door, opens the door and immediately notices standing water on the floor in the entryway.

Nancy calls out to her husband Ted that something is wrong. They discover to their shock a significant amount of damage to the inside of their home and evidently part of the ceiling has collapsed in their kitchen.

The insurance company is immediately notified and claims adjusters discover that the upstairs toilet had been plugged up with newspapers and other items that caused the toilet to overflow for the last two weeks causing the damage.

All told the damage amounted to $37,812!  Will this claim be covered by the Stevensons home insurance policy? 

We will learn the answer in our next article.

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