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Independent insurance agencies are truly the best place to shop for insurance in Lake Charles no matter if you’re looking for business, car, life, or homeowners insurance but as you are looking for alternative options keep in mind one very important fact:

Pay Close Attention to Your Homeowners Coverage to Understand What’s Covered!

Many of us have been conditioned to accept the price we pay as the most important factor in choosing the agency or company caring for our insurance needs.

While it is certainly true price should play a factor we respectfully disagree that it’s the most important factor.

Understanding your coverage, meaning specifically, what is and what is not covered is more important than saving a few premium dollars.

Because we soundly believe in insurance education we are going to examine a typical Lake Charles Homeowners Insurance Policy in detail in a series of articles to discover facts you may not be aware of.

Step One in Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Read the fine print!

The fine print of any insurance policy is known as the insuring agreement.

The insuring agreement is the small booklet you receive when you purchase your new policy. If there are any policy changes your company will send you an updated version of the insuring agreement on your renewal date.

Because the insuring agreement spells out the conditions of coverage it’s important to not skip reading the insuring agreement. 

Some customers are under the mistaken assumption that it is your agent’s responsibility to explain what the typical Lake Charles Home Insurance Policy covers, and what it does not.

Unfortunately this could not be further from the truth! In reality it is the purchaser, not the seller that is under obligation to understand what is covered and not covered.

Please Note the Beginning Statement from One Company.

In return for your payment of all premiums, and in reliance upon the statements in the application we agree to insure you subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of this policy. 

We will insure you for the coverages and limits shown on the Declarations. Your policy consists of the policy contract, Declarations and endorsements applicable to the policy. 

In our next article we will examine the general outline of the typical homeowners insurance policy in Lake Charles.

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