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Are You 100% Confident in What Is Covered or Not Covered by Your Lafayette Louisiana Car Insurance Policy?

Unfortunately there are many different misconceptions about insurance. Some of us believe car insurance policies cover every conceivable type of claims event. Others aren’t so sure.

In a series of four different articles we will explore one common misunderstanding about our car insurance policies that could leave us in a bind financially due to either a claim denial, cancellation of our policy, or a large rate increase.

Let’s consider the first question. 

Is It Okay to Lend My Vehicle to Anyone I Want To?

Some may answer yes, others may say the driver must be 25 years old, and still others may say I don’t know!  The real answer is based on different factors that come into play such as:

  • Will your insurance company allow something called permissive use?
  • What will the driver do with your vehicle when they borrow it?
  • Does the driver have a valid driver’s license?
  • Does the driver live with you who ‘borrows’ your vehicle?

A final question to consider is this:  Can I be held responsible for the actions of someone else if I hand my keys over to them and they cause an accident? The answer to this question may surprise you.

Let’s consider the first factor. 

Does Your Insurance Company Allow Permissive Use?

What is permissive use? It is your authority or ability to allow another person to drive one of your covered vehicles with your permission.

Let’s consider how this is explained with one insurance company under who is an insured? 

“Insured” as used in this Part means: 

Any person using your covered auto with your express or implied permission. The actual use must be within the scope of that permission.

This particular policy definition seems very clear.  If you give someone permission to drive your vehicle they will be covered up to your available policy limit. You will also note that it doesn’t specify an age limit. 

Example: Your next-door neighbor Bobby Jindal’s car breaks down and he knocks on your door to ask if he can borrow your pickup truck to run to the auto parts store in town.  Bobby is a good neighbor so you hand over your keys to your 2015 Ford F150 without any hesitation.

Bobby drives down to the auto parts store picks up what he needs and promptly heads back and drops your keys off 45 minutes later and offers to pay you $15 to cover the gas of which you decline because he’s a good neighbor.

If Bobby had an accident in your pickup truck your policy would pay the claim up to your available policy limits if he was found to be legally responsible for the auto accident.

So does this mean that every car insurance policy includes permissive use?

We will discuss this question in our next article.

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