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Insurance in Lafayette Louisiana – Summary of Previous Articles:

Over the last four weeks we have discussed permissive use of the personal automobile policy.

Permissive use gives the policyholder the authority to lend covered vehicles to other drivers that are not listed on your insurance policy.

In our discussion we have discovered some potential areas where gaps in insurance protection can come into play.

Last week we discussed how the person borrowing your vehicle could engage in an activity that is prohibited resulting in a claim denial to you.

Now we like to discuss another claim situation to see if coverage would apply. 

If You Lend a Vehicle to Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend – Are You Covered? 

Carson Bertrand is devilishly handsome, and a lady’s man. However Carson has one big character flaw. He is quite irresponsible and can’t seem to hold down a job for any longer than a few months before he moves on or gets fired.

He’s also divorced with two children and about three months behind on his child support.

He receives a notice in the mail that his driver’s license has been suspended due to the unpaid child support.   He contacts the local DMV and is advised he can request a temporary driver’s license to get back and forth to work.

Carson is not overly concerned about getting back and forth to work because he has no work to get back and forth to right now. Besides what does he need a driver’s license for?  He sold his car last week so he could pay his rent.

Carson is concerned about getting too far behind on his child support because he knows he can be sent to jail which he wants to avoid.

Carson hits up his current girlfriend Stephanie asking for a loan (which of course he has no intention of paying back) to cover his back child support.

Stephanie has been dating Carson for about 3 months and is starting to come to the realization that Carson is a moocher.  Stephanie has no intention of giving Carson any more money but she tries to give him the benefit of the doubt and agrees to allow him to borrow one of her cars so he can get back and forth to work.

Carson fails to tell Stephanie that he got fired from his job last week and he causes an accident shortly after borrowing Stephanie’s Porsche.

Will Stephanie’s car insurance policy pay for this accident? We’ll learn a few more details about the accident and discover whether or not Stephanie is covered by her insurance policy in our next article.

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