Commercial Truck Insurance Louisiana

Commercial Truck Insurance Louisiana

If you’re looking for commercial truck insurance in Louisiana the Jeff Davis Insurance agency can help you find the coverage you need.

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We offer all forms and types of commercial truck insurance in Louisiana including the following:

  • Tow Truck Insurance Louisiana
  • Dump Truck Insurance Louisiana
  • Owner Operator Insurance Louisiana
  • Moving Truck Insurance Louisiana
  • Truck Cargo Coverage Louisiana
  • On Hook Coverage Louisiana

Commercial Truck Insurance Louisiana – What is Needed?

There are different types of coverage that may be needed for one type of commercial trucking operations but not necessary for another.

Because of this it’s important to speak with one of our license representatives who can prepare quotes based on what you might need for your business.

For example let’s assume you own a tow truck company providing towing services.

In addition to the necessary commercial auto trucking insurance, it would likely be a good idea for you to consider On Hook Coverage, Garage Keepers Liability Insurance, and General Liability Insurance.

What Is Louisiana On Hook Insurance Coverage?

Notice the coverage definition from one insurance policy:

Coverage: “We” will pay damages, other than punitive or exemplary damages, for which an insured is legally liable because “property damage” to a “towed auto” or “towed watercraft” caused by the following:

  1. Fire or Explosion;
  2. Theft;
  3. Mischief or Vandalism;
  4. Collision 

On Hook Claims Example: 

You receive a call from the local municipality for a disabled vehicle on Interstate 10 and you meet Joanne Arnaud whose 2009 Ford Escape stalled out as she was driving and will not start.

You double check to make sure her battery is okay and apparently it is some type of mechanical defect.  You asked Joanne where she wants the vehicle towed and she tells you to take it to Smiley’s Auto Garage. 

You let Joanne know what the charge will be and collect a payment from her just as her husband arrives on the scene.  She agrees to meet you at Smiley’s Auto Garage.

You prepare Joanne’s Ford Escape for transport and as you are pulling onto the exit for Smiley’s 4 miles down the road a vehicle being chased by the police hits Joanne’s Ford Escape causing it to come off your Wheel Lift.

The person being chased by the police is apprehended, your tow truck is damaged and Joanne’s Ford Escape is completely destroyed. Joanne wants to turn a claim into your Louisiana commercial truck insurance policy.

You object that it isn’t your fault but just to be sure you turn the claim into your insurance company and they agree to accept liability for the claim because they feel you contributed to the claim by not moving out of the way fast enough so they pay Joanne $8,715 for the loss of her Ford Escape and $1987 to you to repair your Wheel Lift. (Wheel Lift was paid by your physical damage coverage)

Your claim was approved for the damage to Joanne’s Ford Escape because you purchased the Louisiana On Hook coverage endorsement.

*There may be additional coverages that would be important for you to purchase when you are shopping for commercial truck insurance in Louisiana, please speak with us directly to learn more.

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