HVAC Insurance Louisiana

HVAC Insurance Louisiana

If you own a heating and air company and you’re looking for HVAC Insurance in Louisiana contact Jeff Davis Insurance at 337-824-4455 or request your quote online when you click HVAC Insurance.

Jeff Davis Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency offering contractors insurance in Louisiana to all types of companies and individuals in the commercial and residential construction business.

HVAC Insurance Louisiana – What Coverage is Needed? 

It really depends on the scope of your business activities. 

For example you might need general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, business property coverage for buildings you own or your business equipment and tools, crime coverage, professional liability insurance, directors and officers insurance, cyber liability coverage, bonds, inland marine equipment floaters, and accident or group health insurance.

In addition to what is listed above there might be other insurance protection that may be critical for your business to purchase but other coverage may not be necessary.

For instance if you are a sole proprietor without employees or subcontractors it may not be necessary for you to purchase a Louisiana commercial auto insurance policy as long as your personal auto company allows artisan usage.

What Is the Artisan Usage Business Endorsement?

Artisan usage is an endorsement some companies offer on the personal auto insurance policy which allows contractors to use their vehicles for certain types of business activities.

Naturally there are conditions for artisan usage to be acceptable on the personal auto policy if your company allows the artisan usage business endorsement.

For instance it is likely that you will not qualify to insure your work vehicle(s) on your personal auto policy if:

  1. You allow other employees or subcontractors that are not members of your household to operate your vehicle for work-related activities(s)
  2. You have commercial tags on your vehicle(s)
  3. Your vehicle is titled in the name of your business or corporation
  4. You have signs on your vehicle
  5. You offer debris removal, delivery or any type of transportation or tow commercial trailers.

There may be other factors or conditions that would exclude your ability to make use of the artisan usage endorsement on the personal auto policy.

But if you are a sole proprietor working by yourself it may not be necessary to purchase commercial auto insurance for your work vehicle.

If we are not taking care of your personal auto policy click on Auto Insurance Quotes Louisiana to obtain quotes from leading companies in your area who offer the business artisan usage endorsement.

Jeff Davis Insurance Offers Competitive HVAC Insurance in Louisiana. 

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