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Insurance for Gas Stations Lafayette – Recap

In last week’s entry, Chad crept his way up to his house, checked to make sure the coast was clear, and sprinted across the street.

He darted around back and used a key he keeps hidden there to open his back door.

His plan was to grab as much as he could carry that he would need while on the lamb and leave before the police showed up.

Lafayette Corner Store Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 26

Chad tore through his room for anything and everything he thought he might need while on the run.

He tied a blanket to the outside of his bag, then stuffed a few shirts, a spare pair of pants, some socks and underwear, and a sweatshirt for cold nights.

He slid in his laptop and laptop charger, a phone charging cable, a pair of headphones, a book, and a handheld gaming device.

He ran into the bathroom and grabbed his toothbrush, a roll of toilet paper, some deodorant, and a flashlight from under the sink.

“I can start a new life,” he told himself. “I’ll change my name, forge a new identity, and put all this behind me.” He imagined hopping on a train, riding it across the country, and learning to become a clown in a traveling circus.

“I shall call myself Doughnuts the Clown, and everyone will love me,” he promised himself, a tear in his eye.

Just then, he saw flashes of red and blue shining through his windows.

Find out how Chad reacts in a future entry.

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