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Gas Station Insurance Lake Charles

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Corner Store Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 31

In part 30, we returned to the point of view of Rob Hayes, owner of Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store. He received a phone call from a police officer named Officer Friday.

Officer Friday informed Rob that Chad, Rob’s former employee, had been apprehended and was now in custody. The officer had some questions for Rob which were rather strange.

First, he asked Rob if Chad had a history of mental illness. He then asked whether Rob had ever heard of an individual by the name of Doughnuts the Clown.

Naturally, Rob was perplexed by this.

“Did you say ‘Doughnuts the Clown’?” Rob asked, confused.

“I’m afraid so,” answered Officer Friday.

“No, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of him,” elaborated Rob. “Is he involved in Chad’s scheme somehow?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes,” replied Officer Friday. “You see, the suspect seems to think that he is this so-called Doughnuts the Clown.”

“Oh. Oh my,” answered Rob, at a loss for words.

“Our thoughts, exactly, Mr. Hayes,” responds Officer Friday.

After a moment, Rob asks “What should I do for now, officer?”

Officer Friday counsels Rob to wait patiently while the investigation into Chad’s theft is put together. He also recommends that Rob file a claim with his insurance company.

Rob hadn’t even thought of that until now. He hung up the phone and immediately called his insurance agent to file a claim.

Will Chad’s theft be covered by Rob’s business insurance policy? Find out in a future article.

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