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Home Insurance Lafayette La

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However, as you are shopping around for Car or Home Insurance in Lafayette Louisiana there is something very important to keep in mind.

Home Insurance Lafayette La — Insurance is More Complicated Than You Can Imagine.

Insurance television commercials can actually make choosing the insurance you need much more difficult. Why is that the case?

The actual reason is quite simple. Certain insurance companies have turned the buying and selling of insurance into a mere commodity.

When we think of the word commodity one might think about grocery products that we buy each week in our local super market such as milk, eggs, bread, tea or coffee.

Let’s assume one of the items on your grocery list is coffee. As you walk down the grocery aisle where coffee is displayed you may find dozens of different brands. 

Choosing your coffee based on the lowest price may not yield the best taste. For instance, you may prefer a Colombian style coffee from a certain brand because in your opinion the taste is far richer.

As you are viewing all of the different Colombian brands you notice an unfamiliar Colombian brand called Cheapo Columbian and it’s a bit discounted in price compared to your normal brand and you think to yourself, “Let’s give it a try to save some money.”

The next morning as you brew a pot the aroma of Cheapo Columbian seems similar but as you take your first sip, swishing the coffee around a bit in your mouth something doesn’t seem right and you think to yourself “Hmmm this tastes funny.”

Not funny, ha ha, but funny different. Funny as if you don’t really care too much for your first sip so you dutifully take another, and another to see if the taste grows on you.

The taste of Cheapo Columbian doesn’t grow on you and you end up throwing the rest of your cheap Columbian coffee in the trash and making an extra trip to the store to purchase the coffee you prefer.

Insurance is a bit the same. Car and Home insurance policies come in a variety of different versions (flavors) and may not yield the same results.

For this reason, it’s pretty difficult to shop on price alone because if you choose the cheapest option — something could be missing that will give you a different claims results when you have a fire, or your roof gets blown off because of high winds, a tornado, or even a hurricane!

In the next series of articles, we will share some examples that you may find interesting so stay tuned!

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