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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette Louisiana

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Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette Louisiana — Pay Close Attention to Your Policy Exclusions!

Many business owners value knowing their commercial insurance provides some measure of protection for their business, however we have found that few take the time to fully understand their insurance policy exclusions.

Exclusions are the fine print in your policy that simply explains what is not covered by your insurance. Assuming everything is covered is never a good idea — because many types of claim events were never designed to be covered — for instance, intentional acts are never covered by a commercial auto policy.

Here’s the rub, some exclusions are not as easy to discern. Because of this we like to help our readers discern potential pitfalls by using claim scenarios.

In our last article, we were covering the fictitious example case of the unfortunate Hal Dingledorfer.

Commercial Auto Insurance Lafayette Louisiana — Part 11.

The dazed Hal Dingledorfer had just exited his truck on the highway in order to get a better look at the strange living barricade of what appear to be thousands of cattle blocking the highway in both directions, when something from the sky froze him in place.

A bright flash of light followed by a large sudden explosion behind his truck lifts Hal off his feet hurtling him backwards over the highway guard rail from a blast of energy that Hal would learn later was an exploding meteorite high up in the atmosphere!

Hal lay on his back in the hilly embankment below the railing stunned. He then begins to feel pain from his tumble down the hill wondering exactly what had just happened?

Was the country under attack from the Russians?  Was it a terrorist attack?  For a fleeting moment Hal wondered if it was space aliens? He had earlier in the day before picking up his load watched the second Cloverfield movie.

Hal slowing begins to move around a bit and apparently has suffered no major injuries, only minor lacerations. His ears however were ringing.  Realizing his hearing couldn’t be currently trusted, he decides to scale the embankment in order to observe what happened to his truck.

What does our shell-shocked trucker Hal Dingledorfer observe?  Don’t miss our next post.

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