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Why the HO5 Louisiana Home Insurance Policy Is the Best Value for Your Money!

The most commonly sold policy is the Special Home Insurance Coverage Form sometimes referred to as the HO3.

However a better option for Homeowners Insurance in Lake Arthur Louisiana is the HO5.

The HO5 is a comprehensive home insurance policy that may or may not be available depending on a number of factors that our licensed agents can explain if you call our office at 337-824-4455.

However the principal difference between the Special Home Insurance Coverage Form and the HO5 is how claims are handled under Coverage C Personal Property.

There are six different coverage parts to the typical home insurance policy.

Coverage C Personal Property includes all of your personal items that are not permanently attached to your home and these might include furniture, appliances, clothing, televisions, computers and various other electronics, etc.

For a claim to be covered under the Special Home Insurance Coverage Form Coverage C Personal Property, the claim event must be named in the policy.

However the HO5 does not have this limitation.

In the past some insurance company’s referred to the HO5 policy as an ‘all risk’ policy because it covers everything except for what is excluded.

So you can see why the HO5 would be a better choice if available.  It offers fewer restrictions compared to the HO3.

Let’s revisit a claim scenario that we discussed in a previous article and change the circumstances slightly as seven-year-old twin girls Hannah and Olivia spill grape juice on a rather expensive Isfahan Persian Area Rug given to the parents as a gift. 

Would the HO3 Louisiana Home Insurance Policy Cover This Claim Event?

Hannah and Olivia, twin seven-year-old sisters were happily chasing each other through the house when Olivia accidentally spills grape juice on their parents Isfahan Persian Area Rug that was a gift from their grandparents.

Both girls were completely mesmerized by the splash patterns of the grape juice as it lay on the Persian rug so they decided to empty 2 bottles of grape juice on this extremely rare and expensive area rug.

Their parents, Steve and Allison, are home within the hour and they are beyond horrified by what their daughters have done and they do their best to remove the grape stains from their Isfahan Persian Area Rug.

Failing to remove the grape juice causes the parents to contact their insurance company to learn whether or not their home insurance policy would cover the claim.

In our next article we will see whether or not this claim was covered by their home insurance policy. 

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