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Would This Claim Be Covered by the Typical Home Insurance Policy?

In a previous article we considered a claim scenario involving Hannah and Olivia, twin sisters, seven years old, on their way to fame and fortune in the art world.

As their parents were taking a much-needed walk through a local park, they left their 13-year-old son Tyler in charge.

Hannah and Olivia were happily chasing each other through the house when Olivia accidentally spilled grape juice on their parents Wool New Zealand Carpeting.

Both girls were completely mesmerized by the splash patterns of the grape juice as it lay on the carpet so they wanted to see what other designs could be created by splashing the contents of two 96 ounce bottles of grape juice on the carpeting.

Their parents, Steve and Allison, are home within the hour and horrified by the mess making their best efforts to remove the grape stains from their very expensive carpeting to no avail.

They call their insurance agent the following Monday to find out if this would be covered by their home insurance policy. 

This Is Why the Special Home Coverage Form Is Superior to the Basic or Broad Coverage Form.

Fortunately this claim was covered by the Special Home Coverage Form Steve and Allison had purchased when they had their new home built.

Why was this claim covered?

The Special Home Coverage Form extends coverage for all claim events to the house itself, with the exception of the exclusions listed in the policy.

If Steve and Allison had purchased the Basic or Broad Home Insurance Policy the claim results would’ve been completely different.  Prior to having their new home built they had purchased a Broad Home Insurance Policy to save money.

Fortunately they listened to the advice of their new agent and purchase the Special Home Coverage Form.

Making this decision saved them from the need to pay $4,720 out of pocket to replace their expensive carpet.

What can we learn from this account?

Make sure to review your coverage options with our agency.  The worst possible time to learn something is not covered is right after the claim happens!


Buying home insurance is not as simple as the price you pay. There is one additional option that is available for homeowners insurance in the state of Louisiana and we will consider this in our next article. 

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