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Are You 100% Confident You Understand Your Lake Charles Homeowners Policy? 

I wHome Insurance Lake Charles Laould like to be brutally honest with my readers… Sometimes, homeowners have less than a complete understanding of what is, but most importantly, what is not covered by homeowners insurance policies!

This lack of understanding could have a major impact on the financial bottom line after a claim occurs!

Case Example 1:

Steve and Jodie Harrison are in the market to purchase a home and upgrade from their small two bedroom apartment for their growing family.

They contact a local real estate agent, Stan Jacobs, and he shows them a number of homes they really like.

Stan mentions that it would be a good idea to receive a pre-approval from a lender.  After checking with a local bank the Harrison’s are disappointed to learn they would not be in a position to afford the homes shown by Stan. 

Steve mentions this to Stan a few days later by phone but Stan encourages Steve not to lose hope just yet and he asks if he and his wife would consider purchasing a home in foreclosure.

Steve and Jodie discuss the possibility of purchasing a foreclosed home. 

It sounds like a good idea because Steve just so happens to be in construction industry and he would be in a position to make necessary repairs.

Within 3 weeks with Stan’s assistance they find a foreclosed property, make an offer of $85,000 in which the bank accepts, and they are the proud owners of their first home!

Prior to their closing date Steve and Jodie purchase a homeowners policy for $85,000 from a local insurance agent in Lake Charles La and soon after they move into their first home!

In our next article we will discuss the mistake Steve and Jodie made on their purchase of homeowners insurance in Lake Charles and I’ll share the exact steps you can take to avoid a this same mistake!

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