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In a series of articles we will explore activities some policyholders are engaging in that could lead to claim denials by insurance companies.

Our next discussion will focus on child care or babysitting activities we might engage in for extra money.

Child Care Insurance Louisiana – Is this Covered by my Home Insurance Policy?

Ron and Tammy Bierson decide that it no longer makes financial sense for Tammy to keep her full-time job because after the weekly childcare expenses for the Bierson’s two children there isn’t much left over.

The Bierson’s decide to offer child care in their personal home. It turns out to be a great idea because soon after placing advertisements on Craigslist Tammy is watching six children, and after food expenses, the Bierson’s are earning two times more money than Tammy’s previous employment… and more importantly, Tammy gets to stay at home with their children.

On a Tuesday afternoon in late spring, Jasmine, a 3 1/2-year-old goes out the back door of the Bierson’s home unnoticed due to some distractions from two other children.

Within minutes Tammy discovers that Jasmine is missing and frantically searches throughout the house and discovers to her shock that Jasmine had fallen down the stairs and is not moving.

Tammy immediately call 911 and the life squad is there in a matter of minutes and they transport Jasmine to the hospital.

Jasmine has a concussion and her left arm and right leg are broken but fortunately within six days she is discharged from the hospital.

Within two weeks the Bierson’s receive a certified letter in the mail naming them in a lawsuit by the parents of Jasmine for $500,000 due to her injuries and Tammy’s alleged negligent care of their daughter

The Bierson’s file a claim with their Lafayette Louisiana home insurance policy. Is this something covered by home insurance?

In our next article we will discover the answer to this important question.

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