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Insurance for Motels Louisiana – Super Low Prices are Available!

Insurance for Motels LouisianaDo you own a Hotel or Motel in Louisiana? If so we would like to tell you about a new program offering super low rates on Insurance for Motels in Louisiana now available in all Parishes.

Jeff Davis Insurance is a leading independent agency offering Insurance for Motels in Louisiana in all 64 parishes.

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Louisiana Motel Insurance – Securing the Best Possible Coverage Available Is an Important Step.

Your motel is likely your largest single investment and it’s important to secure the coverage you feel is prudent for your individual needs. 

Choosing the correct amount of Liability Insurance along with Building Insurance can go a long way to protect your assets. For instance, if a guest were to become injured on the premises and sued your company for $10 million, have you purchased an umbrella policy that would cover you up to $10 million for litigation?

Of course in our litigious society $10 million may not be sufficient. Do you need more than $10 million of coverage?

What about building coverage? Do you have multiple hotels on the same policy form if you own more than one hotel? Have you purchased sufficient coverage to rebuild your motels in the event of a catastrophic loss? Is the coverage scheduled per property building, or is it on a blanket amount?

For instance, if it is been many years since you have updated your building coverage do you realize it is possible that you may be underinsured by a significant amount?

Do you have a coinsurance provision on your policy? Do you know how coinsurance works when you are underinsured?

Are you located in an area where wind may have a separate deductible for damage to your building(s)?  Did you choose too large of a deductible amount for wind damage?

Also important is discussing various Business Interruption Exposures that can lead to a financial loss for your business. For instance, if your motel experiences a claim that makes it impossible for you to book travelers into your motel, how would that loss of income affect your business?

It would be important to consider an appropriate amount of Business Income Insurance in the event a covered claim event makes it impossible for you to accept travelers for some time as your building is being repaired/rebuilt.

Do you offer any type of transportation or concierge service? Do you offer any type of food service? Do you sell liquor to guests? Do you have a pool? Is your website and booking service secure from hacking attacks? Do you want coverage to extend liability for guest property in the event of theft?

There are many different factors that go into securing the appropriate Insurance for Motels in Louisiana and one of our licensed agents can talk about your individual circumstances. Why not call us?

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Keep in mind, choosing the right coverage may not save you money in the short term, but it may save you in the long run if you have a catastrophic loss event.

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