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New Orleans Dump Truck Insurance If you’re looking for Dump Truck Insurance in New Orleans Louisiana or the surrounding areas your search is over. 

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We offer top notch commercial insurance programs for all kinds of dumping operations, including hauling sand and gravel, debris removal, construction, and more. 

We like to use an educational approach to help our clients understand Louisiana Commercial Truck Insurance just a little bit better.  Let’s now revisit a claim scenario we began the previous week. 

Dump Truck Insurance New Orleans – Claims Scenario Part Two. 

Chuck is a dump truck operator and the owner of Lucky Chuck’s Haul and Dump. Chuck is a bit of a hothead and today was particularly trying for Chuck. After working all day he’s worn out and tired, and on his way home Chuck decides to call one of his customers who hasn’t paid his invoice for the last six demolition jobs. Chuck gets the owner of the demolition company on the phone and rudely tells Chuck he’s not paying because he’s filing bankruptcy and moving to Jamaica. 

Five minutes later Chuck receives a call from another customer who states that he has to cancel a job with Chuck because he got a better deal someplace else. 

Just as Chuck got off the phone a red sports car moving way too fast cuts Chuck off, forcing him to slam on his brakes. His seat belt does not restrain him and his chest smashes into the steering wheel. 

Chuck is one short fuse away from an explosion of rage. 

He’s had enough and decides to take justice into his own hands and speeds up. Chuck’s diesel engine roars like a lion as he begins to gain on the red car, which has not been able to pass any more cars since cutting off Chuck. 

“Perfect,” Chuck says out loud. He sees his opportunity and passes the red sports car, angrily motioning to the driver. 

After overtaking the red car, Chuck comes to a dead stop on the road. “Gotcha,” he says aloud. 

The owner of the red sports car quickly gets out and walks up to the cab, “what’s your problem, man?” he shouts. 

Chuck turns to the left looking down at the owner of the red sports car with a wicked smile on his face. “I hope you don’t mind a little mud on your $80,000 car, buddy!” Chuck states as he reaches for the dump controls. 

The owner of the sports car quickly realizes what Chuck is doing and runs back to try to move his vehicle out of the way, but there are cars coming from the other direction hindering him from backing up. The red sports car is boxed in with nowhere to go. 

What happens next? Tune in to our next post to see what happens to Chuck and the driver of the red sports car. 

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