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Kenner Corner Store Insurance – Coverage Scenario Summary

In this entry, we are going to begin a summary and index of the multi-part coverage scenario about crime insurance and employee theft insurance.

Part 1: Convenience Store Insurance LouisianaOn his way home, restaurant owner Pete Ross stops at Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store to buy himself a drink. He happens to be carrying a $5,000 deposit from his restaurant’s till destined for the bank. While entering the store, he notices two large men in the parking lot wearing ski masks. He wonders where they plan to go skiing in Louisiana.

Part 2: Louisiana Convenience Store InsuranceWhile browsing the store, the men in masks enter and command everyone to get on the ground. They pull out handguns. One forces the clerk to empty the cash register. The other steals Pete’s wallet, phone, and the $5,000 deposit.

Part 3: Convenience Store Insurance LaThe robbers leave and drive away. Pete and the cashier, Jenny, each make sure the other is alright. Jenny calls the police. They both wonder if they’ll be able to recover the money stolen from them. Pete calls his insurance company to file a claim.

Part 4: La Convenience Store Insurance Pete speaks with his insurance agent Tracy. He asks if the gas station’s insurance policy will cover the theft of his deposit money and also if his own restaurant’s insurance policy will cover it.

Part 5: Business Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Tracy calls the corner store’s insurance company. They inform her that the owner’s crime insurance endorsement does not cover a customer’s property while inside the establishment.

Part 6: Louisiana Gas Station Insurance – Tracy thinks to herself about how many claims Pete has generated. She finds that Pete did not purchase a crime endorsement, meaning his deposit is not covered by his own insurance, either.

Part 7: Gas Station Insurance Louisiana – Tracy calls Pete back and breaks the news to him. She also explains that even if he would have had the policy, it wouldn’t have helped him.

We will continue to summarize this series in next week’s article.

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