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Insurance for Gas Stations New Orleans – Recap

This week we continue to address the following question: in addition to covering burglary and armed robbery, does a Crime Endorsement also cover employee theft and embezzlement?

In our previous entry, Rob, the owner of Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store gas station, had so far been unable to figure out why business seemed to be growing much more slowly than his projections anticipated.

He audited his gas station but found no signs of fraudulent activity.

That all changed one morning when a friend of Rob’s named Christie entered the store.

Rob happened to be doing inventory at the time, which includes reviewing the charity donation slips for the week, so he knew that Christie had recently donated to the local charity and wanted to thank her for it.

Christie looked confused and explained that she has been out of town for three weeks until today. She did donate to that charity, but she couldn’t possibly have filled out a charity card for use at Rob’s gas station.

Let’s find out what this means for Rob and Chad.

New Orleans Corner Store Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 16

Rob was shocked. He asked Christie to excuse him, grabbed the most recent charity cards, and went into his office. He pulled out an old phone book, blew away the dust that had accumulated on it, and began making calls.

Some names didn’t answer or were no longer connected, and some verified that they did, in fact, use the charity slip to buy something from Rob’s store. But several others who answered the phone had no idea what gas station Rob was talking about.

There was one more test Rob wanted to do to be sure his suspicions were accurate, so he picked up the phone again and dialed the number for the children’s hospital charity to place a donation.

Where is Rob going with this? Find out next week in part 17.

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