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Baton Rouge Gas Station Insurance

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Insurance for Gas Stations Baton Rouge – Recap

In last week’s article, we showed that the money stolen at gunpoint from Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store was covered by a crime endorsement.

We then posed the following question: what about employee theft and embezzlement? To help answer that question, we introduced you to Chad, a young guy Rob hired to work at the gas station and run the cash register on weeknights.

Baton Rouge Corner Store Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 11

Chad has worked for Rob at the gas station for four years. If you were to ask Rob what he thought of Chad, he would tell you that Chad is a decent employee.

By all accounts, he seems like an average twenty-something guy.

What nobody could have guessed is that for years – since his sixth month of employment, in fact – Chad had been gradually stealing money from the establishment.

Here is how he did it without being caught for so long:

Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store has been running a promotion for years.

The promotion allows customers to purchase a gas station food item of up to a five dollar value for free if they donate to local charity that Rob supports.

In a future article, we will explain how Chad took advantage of this promotion to steal a large sum of money over the course of his time at Stop n’ Rob’s.

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