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Restaurant Insurance Louisiana – Restaurant Insurance Can Be Complicated 

There is an awful lot to think about when opening or operating a restaurant. Finding affordable insurance that covers your business adequately can often be one of those complications. 

Over the course of a number of articles, we are going to take a look at a fictitious new restaurant owner to help illustrate the ways in which having or not having the proper insurance can affect your business. 

Louisiana Restaurant Insurance Claims Scenario Part 1 

You could say that Peter Ross, who prefers to go by the nickname Pete, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The son of extremely successful business moguls, Pete has never wanted for anything in his life. 

Despite his parents’ sharp business acumen, these values and skills were never really impressed on Pete. 

Upon Pete’s 25th birthday, his parents tell him it will soon be time for him to strike out on his own, and to start thinking about what he wants to do with his life. 

After thinking hard about his future for a few hours – longer than Pete has ever thought hard about anything – he pitches his idea to his parents.

He convinces them to give him a loan to start his own restaurant. They agree to float Pete the loan he has asked for, but they also make it clear that he will be receiving no further financial assistance after this.  

It will be sink or swim for Pete. 

Pete leased a suitable location and needed to perform an extensive buildout of the leased property that was once a nightclub. It will be converted into a posh pork palace appropriately called Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium

Pete’s emporium plans to purvey a peerless potpourri of perfect pork provisions, plus adult beverages that can be enjoyed along with live entertainment. 

Six months later, after extensive construction, acquiring his liquor license, planning, and hiring staff, Pete is just days away from the opening day of his new restaurant and entertainment venue. 

He has set up his advertising budget, purchased a restaurant insurance policy, and his freezers are stocked full of the highest quality meat, vegetables, breads, sauces, and other provisions. 

Pete has worked very hard over the last six months and needs to recharge his batteries, so he takes off on a trip to the Bahamas for a few days. 

He returns from his short vacation Wednesday night. Pete had previously arranged for his new employees to meet Thursday morning at nine a.m. to hold a final training session to prepare for their grand opening. 

When he enters the building at 6 AM, he immediately smells something slightly rancid. He flips the light switch on but nothing happens. 

Pete grabs a flashlight and heads back to the kitchen area where his freezers and cold storage are located. 

Pete opens the freezer, already suspecting what he will find. Sure enough, it looks like his stock of perishables has unthawed and will likely need to be thrown away for safety reasons. 

Pete would learn later that his building had been without power for the last few days after a storm passed through the area, and evidently his restaurant was the only one affected. 

Pete is in a jam. Power is out but utility workers are on their way after a quick call to the utility company, so he heads off to Home Depot to buy a generator that can power his freezers and cold storage units. 

Thankfully power is restored shortly after, and Pete obtains a new supply of food later that afternoon. Despite all of the initial drama, his grand opening was a smashing success! 

On Monday morning after three successful days Pete is exhausted but quite excited that his restaurant grand opening weekend went so well. He then remembers that the restaurant insurance policy he purchased may cover spoilage so he calls his agent to find out. 

Will Pete’s Louisiana Restaurant Insurance Policy cover spoilage? 

We will consider that in our next article. 

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