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New Orleans Business Insurance for Restaurants – Story Recap 

In parts 1 through 5 of our series on Louisiana Restaurant Insurance, we have been using the fictional story of Pete Ross and his restaurant, Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, to look at the many facets of business insurance that are essential to running a restaurant.

To recap, Pete used a loan from his very wealthy parents to open a restaurant, but he’s had a string of bad luck from day one.

First, he discovered that without a Spoilage Insurance endorsement on his restaurant policy, he could not be reimbursed for the loss of spoiled food due to a power outage.

Next, one of his restaurant’s patrons slipped on a puddle of spilled vegetable oil and threatened to sue (which he did).

Thankfully, Pete learned that the customer’s accidental injury and subsequent lawsuit would likely be covered by his restaurant’s liability insurance. 

Then, in last week’s article, one of his cooks was badly burned in a kitchen accident.

We return to our story as Pete picks up the phone and calls his insurance agent Tracy once again.

Business Insurance for Restaurants New Orleans – Coverage Scenario Part 6

“Long time no speak,” Tracy jokes when she picks up the phone to answer Pete’s call.

“Hi Tracy,” Pete responds. Tracy can hear the exasperation in his voice. “I have another question about my coverage…”

Pete explains what happened to his cook, and how the employee will most likely be off work for several weeks to recover.

Tracy expresses her condolences for the injured employee, then reassures Pete once again.

“Don’t worry, Pete. By state law you were required to purchase Louisiana Workers Compensation Insurance before you opened your restaurant.

Workers Comp is specifically designed to provide benefits to employees or their families in the event that the employee is injured or, heaven forbid, killed on the job due to a work-related accident.”

“Thanks yet again, Tracy. Hopefully the next time I call you it will be with good news. It feels like I’ve been doing nothing but putting out fires since this place opened.”

That may have been a poor choice of words on Pete’s part, however. Tune in next week, as things are only going to heat up for Pete and his restaurant.

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