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Tow Truck Insurance Baton Rouge LouisianaIf you’re looking for great options for Tow Truck Insurance in Baton Rouge Louisiana and the surrounding areas contact Jeff Davis Insurance @ 337-824-4455.

We are a leader in providing competitive Insurance for Tow Truck Companies in the State of Louisiana.

We offer insurance programs for well-established companies, new startup ventures, and companies with large claims activity.  We can additionally insure companies specializing in repo service.

Watch out for This Sneaky Trick When Shopping for Baton Rouge Tow Truck Insurance!

It’s no secret insuring large commercial vehicles is big business for insurance companies and agents.  Big premiums and large accounts are what all agents want.

That being said we wanted to warn you about sneaky tricks we’ve heard other agents pulling on those shopping for Commercial Truck Insurance.

Some agents might be using Bait & Switch Insurance Quoting to get tow truck companies to buy insurance. 

We talked about this in a previous article but we wanted to elaborate a little more so you don’t get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If you buy a policy from an agent using Bait & Switch to get you to buy, it could cost you thousands in rate increases, a cancellation, or worse a claim denial down the road! 

Keep in mind we are not suggesting all agents selling truck insurance are using Bait & Switch naturally, but some might be.

Baton Rouge Tow Truck InsuranceThe Bait & Switch Explained.

This is how it works:  A tow truck company calls for quotes and some agents are misclassifying the trucks usage,(which might include the truck classification) radius of operation, or they ignore the amount of repo work the tow company is engaged in to make the premium rates lower than what they really should be.

This might be happening for one or two reasons:

  • The agent doesn’t know how to properly quote a trucking risk
  • They’re doing it intentionally to get you to sign up with them.

You might think, what’s the big deal?  If the agent made a mistake, or they fudge the information so my premium rates are less, what’s the harm in that?

It’s a Win-Win situation right?


In next week’s article I’ll show you how this technique could backfire and harm you financially.

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