Tow Truck Insurance Shreveport Louisiana

Tow Truck Insurance Shreveport Louisiana

Tow Truck Insurance Shreveport LouisianaAre you seeking Tow Truck Insurance in Shreveport Louisiana or the surrounding areas? Then look no further than the specialists at Jeff Davis Insurance. 

Jeff Davis Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency with the knowledge and tools to help you find better options for Tow Truck Insurance in Louisiana. 

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Whether you operate a towing service as part of your dealership or repair garage, or you run a dedicated towing operation, Jeff Davis Insurance offers competitive insurance solutions for any kind of towing situation. 

As you’re shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Louisiana pay careful attention to the exclusions of coverage on your policy. 

Tow Truck Insurance Shreveport Louisiana – Exclusions of Coverage 

Though the details differ from policy to policy, one thing that all insurance policies have in common is the existence of exclusions of coverage

Exclusions of coverage are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be granted by the insurance company. 

The only way to fully understand the exclusions of coverage in your Shreveport Tow Truck Insurance policy is to read it carefully, and it’s always important to do just that. 

Why Is It So Important To Know Your Exclusions of Coverage? 

It’s important to understand your policy’s exclusions so that you are aware of what sorts of things are covered and, most importantly, not covered.  

Take a look at this imaginary scenario for an illustration of why knowing your exclusions of coverage can come in handy: 

Eustace T. Barns is the owner of Bojangles Flatbed & Tow. One rainy evening Eustace receives a call from the police. There’s been a collision on the highway involving a large gasoline tanker truck. 

The truck is blocking three of the four lanes of the highway. The officer was told that Bojangles Flatbed & Tow is the only place in town with heavy-duty trucks capable of pulling that kind of weight. 

Eustace dispatches a driver for the job. The driver shows up twenty minutes later, hitches the tanker trailer to his tow truck, and begins to drive the gasoline tanker truck away. 

All the while the rain has been coming down harder and harder. It starts to look like a monsoon. 

With a jolt of adrenaline, the driver realizes that his wheels have begun to hydroplane: He’s lost control of his vehicle. 

The tow truck drifts into a slow spin. The tanker being pulled behind it follows the arc and slams into a concrete column, puncturing the tanker’s metal at the point of impact. Thousands of gallons of gasoline spill out all over the asphalt and into the surrounding soil.

Eustace soon gets a call informing him about what happened. It’s going to be a long night. 

Stay tuned for next week’s article, where we’ll find out what happens next for Bojangles’ Flatbed & Tow and how it relates to exclusions of coverage.  

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