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Shreveport Truck Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 15

Before we continue our coverage scenario, let’s first recap the events that transpired during our previous episode.

Clarence, a tow truck driver for a towing company called TJ’s Titanic Towing, was in his tow truck and on his way to meet a towing customer one dark and stormy night.

A combination of darkness, pouring rain, and sleep deprivation was making it very difficult for Clarence to see what was on the road ahead of him.

A deer happened to be startled out of its resting place and bolted across the road at the precise moment that Clarence was approaching.

Let’s find out what happens next.

With virtually no chance to react before making impact, Clarence hits the deer at full speed, only braking after the poor animal’s body is buried deep into the grill at the front of the tow truck.

Unable to see clearly, and startled by the impact, Clarence veers off the road.

He slams into a tree. The warped metal of his truck’s front end wraps itself around the tree trunk.

Is Clarence going to be alright? Is the tow truck totaled? Will TJ’s Titanic Towing’s commercial auto insurance policy cover the cost of the damage?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more in our future articles.

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