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Lafayette Commercial Auto Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 20

Previously, in part 19 of our ongoing insurance coverage story, we began to compare the commercial auto insurance policies held by each of the towing companies we’ve been following up to this point.

On the one hand, we have TJ’s Titanic Towing, owned by Nick. One of Nick’s employees, Clarence, crashed into a deer one night, causing some serious damage to the tow truck he operates.

On the other hand, we have Slick Rick’s Quick Towing, owned by Rick. One of Rick’s employees, Buford, also crashed into a deer one evening, causing massive damage to the tow truck he operates.

Both companies have a type of Commercial Auto Insurance policy called Specified Causes of Loss. As its name suggests, the Specified Causes of Loss policy lists all the specific causes of damage that are covered, and any causes that are not listed are excluded from coverage.

Clarence’s accident was covered because TJ’s Titanic Towing’s policy lists “collision with a bird or animal” as one of its covered causes of loss.

Last week, we learned that Slick Rick’s Quick Towing’s commercial auto insurance policy does not list collision with a bird or animal as a covered type of loss.

So, unfortunately for Rick, Buford, and the employees of Slick Rick’s Quick Towing, much of the damage to the tow truck will not be covered. Rick’s insurance company denies the claim.

What does this mean for Rick and Slick Rick’s Quick Towing? And what is the lesson we can learn from this story? Find out in our next episodes.

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