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Commercial Auto Insurance LouisianaIf you’re looking for commercial auto insurance in Louisiana you’ve come to the right place.

Jeff Davis Insurance offers commercial auto insurance for every type of business. We offer coverage for single vehicles as well as fleets.

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Who Needs Commercial Auto insurance in LA?

Some small business owners believe that purchasing a commercial auto insurance policy is not necessary because employees use their own vehicles in their business activities, or they believe their personal automobile policy is sufficient.

Is that accurate?  Let’s consider a claim scenario to set the stage to discuss this important question.

Claim Scenario – Axis X-Ray Services Inc. is a relatively new business venture offering portable x-ray services to nursing homes.  The owners John Carter and Beatrice Smith are partners and Beatrice speaks with her insurance agent to learn what coverage would be necessary to cover the three company cars they purchase for themselves and their one part-time employee.

Beatrice’s agent, Billy Sampson is a relatively new agent working for a well-known company and because he has a quota to reach each month for new business he assures Beatrice that purchasing a separate personal auto policy would do the trick.

Beatrice following the advice of Billy and purchases a brand-new auto policy with the three new vehicles listed along with Beatrice.

As soon as Beatrice received your policy in the mail she calls Billy up asking him why her business partner and her employer are not listed on the policy and he assures Beatrice that she merely needs to give permission to her partner and employee for them to be covered.

Beatrice accepts this explanation from Billy.

About seven months later as John is driving to his next appointment at Rest Easy Nursing Homes in his company car he fails to yield to a truck that had the right-of-way as they were merging on the highway.

John’s company car is totaled, along with $25,000 worth of x-ray equipment in the vehicle and the truck John hit only had minor damage.

A claim is turned in to Beatrice’s insurance company for the lost x-ray equipment plus the value of his company car which is worth about $15,000 at the time of the accident.

Will Beatrice personal automobile policy pay for the loss of their company vehicle and the $25,000 worth of x-ray equipment?

We will learn the answer to this important question in our next article.

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