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Louisiana Gas Station Insurance

As a business owner, it’s imperative that you make sure your business is covered financially in case of accidents, injuries, or theft.

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Insurance for Gas Stations Louisiana – Recap

In our last article, Tracy sought after an answer to Pete’s first question: will the gas station’s insurance policy cover the theft of Pete’s deposit money?

After speaking with an underwriter at the gas station owners’ insurance company, she learns that the gas station owners do, in fact, have a Crime Insurance endorsement on their Louisiana Gas Station Insurance Policy but the endorsement does not, unfortunately, reimburse the theft of a bystander’s property while inside the establishment.

Since the stolen deposit will not be covered by the owners’ policy, the next step is to find out if Pete’s restaurant’s insurance policy will cover the theft of his deposit money in this situation. 

So let’s jump right in. 

Louisiana Gas Station Insurance – Insurance Scenario Part 6 

Pete had called Tracy to learn if coverage was available for all of the cash stolen at the convenience store that he was unlucky enough to visit at the worst possible time. 

Tracy told Pete she would need to review his coverage and call back. 

As Tracy pulls up the business insurance policy on her computer for Pete’s restaurant, she thinks to herself:

Pete is a great guy but he really is a claims machine. Bad luck follows him everywhere he goes; he even gets robbed of his receipts while he’s picking up a 6 pack of beer? 

What are the odds? And, more importantly, what’s going to happen next? Tracy muses. 

As Tracy scrolls through the coverage forms Pete purchased, she sees that a Commercial Crime Endorsement is missing from his policy.

Tracy cross-references the application and sees that Pete declined to purchase this endorsement on April 5th when she set up his new policy after being canceled by his previous company (for having too many claims, naturally). 

Tracy feels bad for Pete. How is she going to explain this to him? 

Find out in our next post.

Gas Station Insurance in Louisiana – Find The Protection You Need. 

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