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Baton Rouge Restaurant Insurance – Story Recap 

Where we left off in part 10 of the story of Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, a claims adjuster named Ron Jordan had just completed his review of the fire damage to Pete’s restaurant. 

Pete’s account with the insurance company was flagged for review due to its Frequency of Claims. 

Let’s see what this means for Pete and his business…

Business Insurance Baton Rouge – Coverage Scenario Part 11 

Jerry Jackson is an underwriter for Scrand & Dalf Insurance, the insurance company with whom Pete Ross has a Restaurant Insurance policy. Jerry receives the underwriting report that flagged Pete’s policy for review due to the frequency of insurance claims experienced at the restaurant. 

After looking things over, Jerry reaches out to Pete’s agent, Tracy, to let her know that Scrand & Dalf are probably not going to renew Pete’s restaurant policy.

Tracy understands the insurance company’s position, but she still isn’t looking forward to giving Pete the news. 

The next day, Pete is enjoying an unusually quiet morning in his office at the restaurant. He takes a swig of his coffee while doing some paperwork. 

Pete is just thinking about how nice and uneventful things have been at the restaurant lately when his phone rings. 

“Hi, Pete. It’s Tracy,” she says after Pete answers. 

“Oh hi, Tracy,” Pete responds, not noticing her somber tone. “You know, I was just thinking about how I haven’t had to call you up with any emergencies lately.” 

“Well, that’s good news, I suppose. But I’m afraid I have some bad news, Pete… your policy is going to be canceled.” 

Pete spits out his coffee in disbelief. 

“What? How? Why? They can’t do that to me, can they?” 

Tracy expresses her sympathies, but also tries her best to explain to Pete where the insurance company is coming from. 

“Think about it from their perspective, Pete; they’re running a business just like you are. The number of claims you have had at your restaurant have cost Scrand & Dalf Insurance far more money than they would ever be able to collect from your business. For instance, you paid around $5,000 or so in premiums so far, but your insurance company has paid over $150,000 in claims…” 

“But isn’t that why we buy insurance, to pay claims?” Pete quickly interjects. 

“It’s true that insurance is bought to cover claims, but let me ask you this: would you serve food to customers for whom you lose four dollars for every one dollar you charge?” 

“Well, no. I’d go out of business if I lost four dollars on every dollar I collected. Okay, I see your point. I guess I never thought about it that way before. So what are my options?” 

“I’ll see what I can do…” Tracy tells him. 

What will Tracy be able to do for Pete and his business, given his current situation? We will address that in our next article. 

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