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Gas Station Insurance LouisianaIf you own a convenience store or garage and you are searching for gas station insurance in Louisiana you have found the right place!

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Special commercial insurance programs are also available for auto body repair shops.

Jeff Davis Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency in the state of Louisiana and we can help your business find the coverage you need no matter if you are a franchise or independent gas station or garage.

What Coverage Is Necessary for Louisiana Gas Station Insurance?

You likely will need property coverage for buildings, equipment, and pumps. It’s also important to secure liability coverage for injuries on premises.

For instance let’s assume you own a convenience store offering groceries, snack foods, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, lottery tickets, and both regular and diesel fuel.

A customer named Joey Fontana is traveling through the area on a business trip and pays for his fuel purchase at the pump using his credit card. Apparently the printer is out of paper and Joey enters the store to obtain his credit card receipt so he can seek reimbursement from his employer.

About 10 minutes prior to Joey entering the store a five-year-old boy had accidentally knocked over a number of cans of motor oil located near the front counter.  Your clerk Terry Sampson had not noticed that a few drops of motor oil had spilled on the floor.

Joey takes only four steps into the store and steps on the spot where the motor oil had spilled, he loses his footing and crashes into the front counter and lands on his back.

Joey is in severe pain and can’t move. An ambulance is dispatched to your convenience store and transports Joey to the emergency room.

It only takes Joey and his attorney 7 days to file a lawsuit against your store for an unspecified amount of money and eventually $110,000 judgement is awarded to Joey for his back injuries, pain and suffering.

Fortunately the liability coverage you had purchased comes in handy as your insurance company provides an attorney covering all legal fees and pays the $110,000 judgment to Joey Fontana for his injuries.

Need Insurance for Gas Stations in Louisiana? Call Us First!

We can help.  Besides premises liability and coverage for your building, equipment, and pumps there are many other areas of coverage you may need to explore.

One of our commercial insurance specialist will help you find the coverage you want for your business.

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