Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana

Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana – New Options Available at Incredible Rates!

Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana

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As we often do in our articles, today we’re going to introduce a fictional scenario to illustrate some of the benefits of having a solid insurance plan for your store, as well as some of the potential pitfalls that can arise if you don’t have a strong understanding of your policy. 

Insurance for Convenience Stores Louisiana – Insurance Scenario Part 1

If you’ve been following some of our other articles then you may be familiar with Pete Ross, the persistent restaurant owner who seems particularly prone to misfortune. 

Pete has just finished a very long day at work. In fact, it was the first day of operation for the restaurant since being rebuilt after a huge dump truck barreled into the side of the building several weeks ago. 

Feeling utterly exhausted from such a busy day, and after weeks of helping to repair his restaurant, Pete is beat. While on his way to deposit the day’s earnings at the bank – part of his nightly routine – he decides to stop at a gas station, Stop n’ Rob’s Corner Store, to pick up one of his favorite adult beverages. 

Not wanting to risk having the $5,000 in cash stolen, he tosses it into his backpack to take with him inside the store rather than leave it the car. 

While walking up to the doors, Pete notices a couple of big guys in the parking lot putting on ski masks. 

“Where the heck do those guys plan to go skiing in Louisiana?” he thinks to himself as he enters the store… 

To find out what happens, check out next week’s article. 

Convenience Store Insurance Louisiana – Don’t Miss Out on These Great Rates!

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