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Lafayette Restaurant Insurance – Story Recap  

For the last 25 weeks, we’ve been following a fictional story about Restaurant Insurance. 

Though our primary protagonist is a guy named Pete Ross who owns a restaurant called Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, the last several weeks have been devoted to a side story following “Big” George Jowlsby. 

Big George’s bar is being sued by an insurance company over liability for damages caused by a drunk driving accident. 

In recent articles, he attempted to hide his assets by trusting his girlfriend to transfer his money from his account to hers temporarily. Instead, she took the money and skipped town. 

George, meanwhile, is trying to prepare for his court date, and the plaintiff has requested to see his bank account records… 

Restaurant Insurance in Louisiana – Coverage Scenario Part 26 

George points to the request for his bank account records. 

“What do they need that for?” he asks, angrily. 

Linda raises an eyebrow.

“Requesting bank account records is fairly standard procedure, Mr. Jowlsby,” she explains. “It’s to make sure you’re not hiding any assets. 

That’s exactly what George was afraid of. He paces for a moment, mulling over what he should tell his lawyer. 

“That might be a problem,” he says at last. “The same day I hired you, my girlfriend – my ex-girlfriend – ran off with most of my money.”

“Ran off where?” Linda asks.

“Wish I knew,” George responds. “She could be anywhere.” 

George goes on to explain what happened in more detail, but alters the story somewhat in an attempt to hide the fact that he really was trying to hide his assets from the courts.

Linda can tell something fishy is going on, but she holds her tongue for now. 

“Here’s what we can do for now,” she says. “We’ll object to the bank account request. That will buy you some time to sort this out. There’s a small chance they may agree to drop the request, but I wouldn’t count on it.” 

“What then?” George asks. 

“When they get access to your records and see that your money’s gone, that will be a problem which will require some explaining. 

George doesn’t like the sound of that. 

Will George get his money back? Find out in part 27. 

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