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This is Why You Need Roofing Insurance in Louisiana.

There are 2 reasons why you need roofing contractors insurance in Louisiana.

First it may be required by the state of Louisiana.  Click on Contractors Licensing Law to learn what the requirements are to operate in our state.

Second. Contractors insurance can help you stay in business.

Lack of Roofing Insurance in Louisiana Can Ruin Your Business!

Ricky Gallot is a roofer by trade and has worked for the same man for 10 years until he got caught by the police running coke.  Evidently his roofing business was a sham for a drug and money laundering operation.

Now Ricky is out of work and roofing is all he knows.  One of his coworkers, John Minot, suggests they go in business together and they agree to start a new roofing company with a handshake and promise to make this work.

Fortunately the weather is in their favor when a large hail storm rolls through the area and Ricky and John have 10 new roofing customers under contract immediately after the storm. They hire many of their former coworkers to handle the new roofing jobs they gained.

One of their final jobs was for Beatrice and Harold Robichaud and it was running behind schedule because the building supply company sent the wrong colored shingles.

Their crew had already removed the shingles from the Robichaud roof and covered it up with a tarp to keep water out.  Unfortunately the tarp wasn’t properly tied down and another storm moves through the area with high winds blowing the tarp off and dropping several inches of rain inside the Robichaud home.

Ricky gets an angry call at 1 o’clock in the morning from Harold Robichaud because water is pouring inside.

Ricky immediately heads over to their property with his partner and two other guys to secure the tarp over the house.  Harold points out the damage to the inside of his home from the water and wants to know who Ricky’s insurance agent is to file a claim.

In our next article we will discuss what happens next and the importance of purchasing appropriate Louisiana roofing contractors insurance.

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