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Louisiana Liquor Liability Insurance – Story Recap 

In the previous episode of our series following the exploits of Pete Ross’ restaurant, Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, “Big” George Jowlsby contacted his insurance agent to find out what his options are now that his business is being sued by an insurance company for serving a patron too much booze. 

His call is answered by the agency’s customer service representative Dan. Dan was unable to answer “Big” George’s questions so he promised to have Tony Gumble, the owner of the agency, call as soon as he was available. 

Dan relayed the information to the chronically disorganized Tony the next morning. 

To his dismay, Tony discovered that he forgot to put a liquor liability endorsement on Big George’s policy. 

Our story picks up here… 

Liquor Liability Insurance in Louisiana – Coverage Scenario Part 21. 

Tony Gumble calls “Big” George Jowlsby and waits nervously for George to pick up. 

“Hello?” George grumbles into his phone.

“He-hello, George,” Tony stammers. “This is Tony Gumble. I’m calling about your bar and the lawsuit.” 

“So what’re my options, Tony?” George asks, simply. 

“Well, here is the bad news George,” Tony clears his throat and pauses before continuing. “It doesn’t look like you have coverage for a lawsuit based on serving too much liquor to a patron… but, of course, I’m not the final authority on claims. Let’s go ahead and file a claim to see what happens.” 

“ARE YOU TELLING ME I HAVE NO COVERAGE FOR a $300,000 dollar LAWSUIT?” Big George yells over the phone! 

Tony is afraid of George. Very afraid. George is not called “BIG” George without reason. Tony’s one and only meeting with George was two years ago when he came into the office. George is about two feet taller and 150 pounds heavier than Tony. In other words, he is a BIG guy. 

Tony did not really know what to say to George, so he takes a deep breath and tells George what he thinks he recollects from their conversation a few years ago. 

“I don’t see that coverage on your policy, George. Remember when you told me to find the cheapest insurance available?” Tony asks, with a pause. “Well, that is exactly what I did. Adding coverage for Liquor Liability raises the rates quite a bit, so that’s why you don’t have it. I’m sorry, George, but you did say you wanted the cheapest price.” Tony finishes. 

George lowers his voice and asks Tony a question in a menacing tone.

“So, Tony, if my policy won’t cover me, who will?” 

We will learn Tony’s response next week. Don’t miss our next post. 

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