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Shreveport Restaurant Insurance – Story Recap 

In our last entry regarding Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium, half a year had passed since Pete decided to insure his restaurant building below the recommended threshold, despite being at risk of paying a large coinsurance penalty in the event of a claim. 

Meanwhile, in a bar down the street, a dump truck driver named Chuck had a few too many drinks.

He had recently lost a major client with his dump truck business, Lucky Chuck’s Haul and Dump. In addition to that, Chuck’s girlfriend just left him and his dog had gone missing. 

In other words, Chuck was having a bad day. 

In his inebriated state, he decided to get some fresh air in his dump truck to take his mind off his misfortunes. He managed to exit the bar while the bartender was preoccupied and stumbled over to his massive dump truck. 

Let’s find out where things go from here. 

Business Insurance Shreveport – Coverage Scenario Part 16 

Chuck starts the engine, revs it up, and peels out of the bar parking lot as fast as a 60,000 pound truck can go. 

In his rear view mirror he can just make out the image of a bartender, the same one who had been serving him his favorite adult beverages all night long while commiserating about relationship troubles. it looks like the bartender is running after him and waving his arms around like a chicken with its head cut off. The sight makes Chuck giggle. 

“What’s he want?” Chuck thinks. “Did I forget to pay my tab?” 

Chuck quickly forgets the bartender and everything else as he is zipping down the road. 

After a few minutes, Chuck decides he’s hungry. He scans the horizon, his eyes landing on a bright red sign that reads Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium

“I could really go for a good ham sandwich right about now,” Chuck says out loud to himself. 

He turns to enter the restaurant parking lot. As he tries to press on the brakes, his foot instead just hits the accelerator again and… 


The dump truck smashes through the broad side of the restaurant. Almost half the truck is inside the building before it finally comes to a stop. 

Now Squeaky Pete’s Pork Emporium has a drive through, compliments of Chuck and his big truck. 

Thankfully it was later in the evening, so only a few patrons were at the restaurant and there were no injuries. 

Chuck is pretty heavily concussed but otherwise alright. And at this point he has so much liquor flowing through his veins he could have been hit by a steam roller and not felt a thing. 

No one else was hurt, but the better part of the entire east side of Pete’s restaurant has been damaged badly

Pete silently takes in the scene of destruction before him. Without saying a word, he picks up the phone as part of his ceiling collapses right in front of him and dials Tracy’s number. It’s her voicemail. 

Pete leaves a message to let her know he needs to file another insurance claim… 

Find out how things shake out in our next article. 

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